Cat Theme Muff Tea Cosy

Cat Theme Muff Tea Cosy


Product Description

Our Cat Theme Muff Tea Cosy will hug your teapot so that it stays warmer longer.

Decorated with playful cats, the Cat Theme Muff Tea Cosy is called ‘Cats in Waiting’. This cosy is designed with an elasticized gathering at the top, fitting your teapot snugly to keep the tea warm. This cosy is styled so that the side openings accommodate the handle and spout. Rather than slipping the cosy over the top of your teapot, the muff cosy is put on the teapot from the bottom.

The cat theme cosy has a cotton/polyester filling, and will fit comfortably around a 4 to 6-cup teapot. Made by Ulster Linen, it would make a wonderful gift for the cat-tea lover in your life! For further information, visit Ulster Linen online.