Manual Knife Sharpener 464

Manual Knife Sharpener 464

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Product Description

The Manual Knife Sharpener 464 uses diamond abrasives to keep your knives in top shape.

Known as the “Pronto”, the Chef's Choice Manual Knife Sharpener 464 features two stages that will put a longer lasting edge on both straight edge and serrated blades. From tip to handle, the blade is honed by 100% diamond abrasives in two stages, each set at different angles to create razor-sharp edges that stay sharp longer. Considered by many to be the fastest manual sharpener available, the CrissCross sharpening technology provides for an extremely sharp, burr-free edge with lots of “bite.” The precision roller guides insure an accurate angle control for foolproof sharpening. The Pronto can be used by right or left-handed. With a comfortable, soft-touch handle and rubber feet (for a secure hold), it is perfect for kitchen and household knives, pocket knives, and fish filet knives.

For further information on the Manual Knife Sharpener 464, visit Chef’s Choice online.