Double Kabob Stainless Steel Skewers

Double Kabob Stainless Steel Skewers


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Product Description

Our set of four Double Kabob Stainless Steel Skewers eliminates “twirling” kabobs!

Be ready for kabob grilling time with our Double Kabob Stainless Steel Skewers! We all know the frustration with food twirling on kabob skewers during assembly and grilling. With barbeque season almost year-round, the Elizabeth Karmel double kabob stainless steel skewers make easy work out of assembling and grilling kabobs. No more food twirling!

The kabob skewers are designed with two stainless steel prongs that keep food in place, making them perfect for grilling meat, seafood, or veggies. When food is stabilized on the prongs, all part of it are uniformly cooked. The skewers have a built-in pusher, making the removal of cooked food from the skewer a breeze. The double kabob skewers are 15-1/2″ long (including a 3″ handle) and are dishwasher safe. The set of four is equipped with safety caps on ends. For further information, visit Elizabeth Karmel online.