Mauviel Copper Round Pan

Mauviel Copper Round Pan

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Product Description

The Mauviel Copper Round Pan – perfect for individual portions.

The Mauviel Copper Round Pan is just the right size for smaller portions. Whether you are serving Eggs Benedict, Coquille St. Jacques, mac and cheese…or for melting brie for your buffet table, this little pan offers just the right touch. The authentic stove-to-table experience offered by copper ensures that breakfast, lunch, or dinner is served piping hot.

Measuring only 8″ in diameter and 1″ in height, this little pan features all of the best qualities for which Mauviel is known. The interior of the round pan is hand-tinned, and the exterior is polished. The two bronze handles on either side are affixed to the pan by three sturdy rivets. The round copper pan is usable on all heat sources or in the oven. Only two available.

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