Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk

Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk


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Product Description

The Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk is the perfect tool for whisking in non-stick pans.

If you don’t want your good non-stick pans scratched by metal whisks, reach for the Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk. This 10.5″ whisk is designed with round silicone heads that will whisk sauces and gravies right in the pan without scratching.

This great kitchen tool is functional, durable, and elegantly designed. Made from 18/10 stainless steel with a satin finish, it is perfect for both the professional and home chef. This kitchen tool is ergonomically designed for optimal balance and comfort. A hanging loop at the end of the handle makes for easy and convenient storage. Made by WMF, the Profi Plus whisk is dishwasher safe. For further information, visit WMF online.