Santoku Knife with Granton Edge

Santoku Knife with Granton Edge


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The Santoku Knife with Granton Edge is also known as a Japanese Chef’s Knife.

The Santoku Knife with Granton Edge is one of the world’s most popular knives. In Japanese, Santoku means “three virtues”, and these knives are renowned in culinary circles for their quality and versatility in cutting vegetables, fish, or meat. Created by Messermeister of Solingen, Germany, the special edge on the Santoku is straight, not serrated, with scallops (kullens) shaped out of the blade which prevent food from sticking. The extra wide blade on the Santoku is fully forged with the “elite” edge, and is available in 5″ or 7″. The blade has a polished spine and a bolsterless edge, so that the entire edge can be sharpened. There is seamless construction between the high-carbon blade and the POM molded handle. As Messermeister states, “Centuries of cutting edge excellence forged into all our products.” For further information about the Messermeister Elite line, visit Messermeister online.