Westmark Citrus Juicer

Westmark Citrus Juicer

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Product Description

The Westmark Citrus Juicer assures that there is no waste when juicing citrus.

The hinged design of the Westmark Citrus Juicer will help you extract the most juice from lemons, oranges and grapefruit. The special construction of the juicer will even press the pulp directly under the peel of the fruit, where the most vitamin-packed juices are located. The flat bottom of this fruit press actually rests on your kitchen counter, allowing you to use your own weight to press the citrus between the reamer and the juice catcher. Made by Westmark of Germany, the Westmark Citrus Juicer is constructed of epoxy-coated aluminum and is 91/2″ in length. The citrus juicer is an authentic Westmark Tool. Dishwasher safe, top rack. For more information about Westmark products, visit Westmark online.