February is all about Love

Yes, February is gray and cold, but Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to shake off winter’s grip and redirect our attention, creativity, and love toward the special one in our life. The purpose of my blog is to inform and get you familiar with some of the neat culinary … Continue reading

2016 – The Year of the Gadget

If you were to take a stroll through our store – or even through the website – you’ll find things you’ve never seen (or heard of) before. These are the hard-to-find kitchen tools and gadgets that make working in your kitchen fun, interesting, and, in some cases, a whole lot … Continue reading

September is National Wine Month!

Happy Wine Month to all! Did you know that there are people who spend their lives and livelihoods waiting for September when the grape harvest is in full swing? I went on a wine tour recently and learned a great deal about the growing process. Just like coffee growers, grape … Continue reading