Aerolatte Ceramic Coffee Filter

Aerolatte Ceramic Coffee Filter


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The Aerolatte Ceramic Coffee Filter offers a smoother, more flavorsome cup of coffee.

Sized to use with a No. 2 size coffee filter, the Aerolatte Ceramic Coffee Filter is the pour-over filter for one serving. This drip method of making coffee extracts coffee's natural subtle flavors, ensuring a smoother, more delicious of cup.

To use, place a No. 2 filter into the coffee filter cone. Add 2 heaping spoons of freshly ground coffee into the filter. Place the filter over a cup or mug, and pour a small amount of ‘just off the boil’ water over the coffee until the grounds are moist and the water drained. Finish by pouring more water until it has reached just below the top of the filter paper. Allow to drain…and enjoy.

The Aerolatte ceramic cone filter is dishwasher safe. For further information, visit Aerolatte online.