aerolatte grande heat & froth machine

Aerolatte Grande Heat & Froth Machine



For the richest milk froths, the Aerolatte Grande Heat & Froth Machine offers outstanding results!

In the space of a few seconds, the Aerolatte Grande Heat & Froth Machine will create enough fabulously frothy, hot and creamy milk foam for up to four perfect cappuccini. Just pour the milk – skim milk works best! – into the canister and press the switch. That’s all there is to it! The Aerolatte frother whisks while it warms, making dense and rich frothed milk froth for your cappuccino and hot chocolate.

To use, simply fill the canister with cold milk according to the amount desired. Replace the canister cover, and press the ‘On’ switch. The Aerolatte frother does the work of heating and frothing quickly and quietly, and will automatically stop when the milk is frothed. For milkshakes, simply press the ‘cold’ button to whisk the milk without heating.

The Aerolatte Grande Heat & Froth Machine comes with a frothing spiral (for a tighter, dryer froth), frothing paddle (for a looser froth), and an instruction/recipe booklet. Included with the frothing machine is a two-year warranty. For further information about the Aerolatte Grande and other frothing products, visit aerolatte online.