Bresil Manual Coffee Grinder

Bresil Manual Coffee Grinder


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For the coffee purist, the Bresil Manual Coffee Grinder.

Just in case the electricity goes off, the Bresil Manual Coffee Grinder has you covered: Coffee will soon be at hand!

The Bresil manual coffee grinder is made by Peugeot, a manufacturer of exceptional products since 1842. Peugeot is renown for the grinding mechanism in their pepper and coffee mills. The individual grooves cut into the case hardened metal give these mills their strength and durability. Hence, a lifetime warranty is offered on the grinding mechanism.

The dark rich walnut stained wood box of the Bresil has a 5-1/2″ square footprint, and measures 7-1/2″ in height (including the stainless steel top with the wooden knobbed handle). To operate the Bresil coffee grinder, pour beans into the open stainless steel top. Turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise for more coarsely ground coffee – French press. Turn the knob clockwise for a finer grind – espresso or Turkish ground. Grinds are collected in the bottom drawer that opens.

“Peugeot Freres” is imprinted on a decorative plaque on the front face of the mill, along with the Peugeot logo. The coffee grinder comes with a 2-year warranty from date of purchase. For further information on the Bresil and other Peugeot products, visit Peugeot online.