Butter Paddle-Set of 2

Butter Paddle-Set of 2


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Our Butter Paddle-Set of 2 has many other uses than just making butter.

Our Butter Paddle-Set of 2 features two birchwood butter paddles, each covered with narrow ridges on one side. Designed originally for butter making, they will create decoratively ridged butter balls by placing a small lump of cold butter between the two paddles and rubbing together in a circular motion. The paddles are also used by pastry chefs to create decorative patterns in various foods, cookies, and desserts. They’re also great for making gnocchi, as the ridges in the dough help the pasta hold the sauce. The Butter Paddle-Set of 2 are 2″ wide and 8-1/4″ long. Since the wood is unbleached and untreated, the paddles will darken to a golden hue as the fats from the butter enrich the surface.