Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

Carbon Steel Crepe Pan


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Use our Carbon Steel Crepe Pan for an easy entree or dessert.

Our carbon Steel Crepe Pan is a no-nonsense pan for making the thin French pancakes. Whether you stack them, quarter them, roll them around fillings, or flame them, crepes make an easy entree or dessert.

Made by DeBuyer of France, the crepe pan is made out of black carbon steel, a material that is heavy enough to distribute the heat evenly, yet light enough to allow you to swirl the batter around in the pan. Its shallow sloping sides allow you to flip the crepe effortlessly without burning your fingers. Its smooth surface, once seasoned, becomes almost non-stick.

The crepe pan is excellent for fast frying on high heat. Like any carbon steel pan, it should be seasoned before use (directions are included), and washed in hot water and wiped dry after use. In the humidity of summer, I keep mine well-oiled and re-season as necessary. Avoid the dishwasher with this pan: It would rust. Available in the sizes indicated.