Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Carbon Steel Paella Pan


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Our Carbon Steel Paella Pan is a meal preparation with unlimited variations.

Our Carbon Steel Paella Pan is used to serve Paella, the best known one-dish meal of Spanish cuisine. Named for the dish in which it is cooked, paella is typically served on Sundays in Spain. In all paellas, there are common ingredients: good olive oil, saffron, rice, and the carbon steel paella pan. From there, the variations are endless, from chicken to seafood, and everything in between.

Made of thin carbon steel (for quick heat conduction and cooling), this authentic paella pan is shallow (1-1/2″ in depth). It is 14″ in diameter with two looped handles riveted to either side. The sides are contoured to meet the flat dimpled bottom of the pan (reminescent of the days when paella pans were hand hammered). The “paellera”, as it is known in Spain, can be used on gas or electric stovetops or gas or charcoal grills.

As with all carbon steel cookware, the paella must be seasoned and prepared with a vinegar-water solution prior to first use. For further information, visit La Paella online.