Cast Iron Swedish Pancake Pan

Cast Iron Swedish Pancake Pan


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The Cast Iron Swedish Pancake Pan has been at the helm of many great pancake traditions.

Our Cast Iron Swedish Pancake Pan is often called a plett pan. The name is derived from Scandinavians who begin their day with small pancakes called platts, pletts,or plattar. They may end their day by serving them as dessert topped with lingonberries or fruit preserves. The tradition has migrated to the U.S. where this specialty pan has cooked millions of pletts on U.S. stovetops. The Swedish Pancake Pan is made of cast iron and has seven circular depressions into which the batter is dispensed. Each circle is about 2-1/2″ in diameter and 1/4″ deep. The plett pan is 9-1/4″ in diameter with a 5-1/2″ long handle. For further information, visit Norpro online.