Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpener



Diamonds make the difference with the Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpener!

The technology in the three-stage Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpener incorporates fine diamond-coated conical disks. As you run your knife through Stages 1 and 2, the disks remove scars and flaws from the blade's edge and then form the first and second bevels on the blade. A revolutionary stropping/polishing disk in Stage 3 finishes the process by creating an edge of unprecedented sharpness and durability. Within seconds, your knife will attain hair-splitting sharpness. The EdgeSelect feature on the sharpener accommodates fine edge gourmet, butcher, sporting, or serrated knives.

The Chefs Choice EdgeSelect 120 is the world’s most advance knife sharpener. It is ruggedly built and extremely fast. The Chef’s Choice is available in a red heavy duty housing with black accents and comes with a limited three-year warranty. Best of all, it's assembled in the U.S.A. For further information, visit Chef’s Choice online.