Chemex Hand-Blown Water Kettle

Chemex Hand-Blown Water Kettle


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The Chemex Hand-Blown Water Kettle is a work of art, but it also a working two-quart water kettle.

Designed in 1949 by Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex Hand-Blown Water Kettle is in the permanent collections of both the Museum of Modern Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Its ingenious design allows water to be boiled and poured immediately, with its handle remaining cool to the touch. The secret is in the baton-like steam stopper. As water boils, the silicone stoppers in the neck of the kettle allow the steam to pass through the glass stem held by the stoppers. Since glass is an excellent insulator and the steam never touches the inside of the handle, the handle remains cool enough for handling.

Use the Chemex Handblown Water Kettle, not just for boiling water, but for serving iced tea, fruit beverages, and hot or cold soups. Included with the kettle is a wire grid for use on an electric stove. The water kettle stands 10″ in height, has a base diameter of 8″. It will hold two quarts. For further information about the water kettle, visit Chemex online.