Chemex Unbleached Coffee Filters

Chemex Unbleached Coffee Filters


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The perfect coffee starts with the perfect filter – Chemex Unbleached Coffee Filters.

Chemex Unbleached Coffee Filters are very important to the fractional extraction process that leaves the coffee fats and bitter elements in the coffee grounds, not in your cup. These unbleached filters are 20-30% heavier than other filters to filter out the sediment. Chemex bonded filters combine a very fine grain, required for holding back the coffee mud that promotes the proper infusion. This produces the full-bodied flavorful coffee that is never bitter and has made Chemex the favorite of coffee connoisseurs for more than 70 years. These filters will not break under the weight of the liquid during filtration or when lifting out the grounds.

Chemex unbleached filters are made for the 30, 40, and 50 oz. carafe. Filters are sold in boxes of 100. For further information, visit Chemex online.