Christmas Traditions Coffee Blend

Christmas Traditions Coffee Blend


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Try our Christmas Traditions Coffee Blend, made to celebrate the holiday, but enjoyed year round.

Our Christmas Traditions Coffee Blend combines 100% washed, premium gourmet Arabica coffee beans, enhanced with the rich flavors of vanilla, hazelnut, and other selected spices. It is a blend made exclusively for La Belle Cuisine-Fine Cookware.

As with all of our coffees, you can expect fresh! Our beans are shipped within two days of roasting and flavoring, assuring you of the freshest, most delicious flavor and aroma that has come to be expected of the Christmas Traditions blend. So, whether you start or end your day with it, Christmas Traditions is the perfect seasonal coffee for drinking with friends and family to celebrate the onset of cooler weather and, of course, the Christmas season. Why not make Christmas Traditions part of your Christmas tradition! As with all of our coffees, you get a full pound. We even allow 3/8 oz. for the bag!