Coucke Cafe Theme Tea Towel

Coucke Café Theme Tea Towel


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The perfect gift for the lover of all things coffee: the Coucke Café Theme Tea Towel

The Coucke Café Theme Tea Towel is truly a celebration of coffee. “Mon Petit Cafe” features cup after every wonderful cup of coffee and every way it can be enjoyed. Made with an urban color design, this linen will quickly become the conversation piece of any kitchen or coffeehouse. Manufactured by Coucke of France, the tea towel is made of 100% cotton jacquard, and measures 30″ by 20″.

This tea towel, and all Coucke kitchen linens, is machine washable and will survive years of wash and wear without showing its age. In fact, one of the joys of Coucke towels are their durability. A testimonial that attests to their endurance is my own: the more Coucke towels are used and washed, the better they become. These are not tea towels that I save: they are always in use in my kitchen.

Since 1931 Coucke has been designing and manufacturing high quality kitchen linens with themes that express French culture and tradition with a contemporary aspect. The café theme tea towel fits the specialty design, character, and quality of all Coucke kitchen linens. Why not double the fun with the companion towel – the Coucke Coffee Theme Tea Towel (SKU #50.couckecoffee). For further information, visit Coucke online