Cut-Resistant Hand Protection Glove

Cut-Resistant Hand Protection Glove


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Wear our Cut-Resistant Hand Protection Glove to protect you as you work with your sharp knives.

Our Cut-Resistant Hand Protection Glove is safe, strong, and sanitary. The highly advanced construction of this protective glove combines a cut-resistant stainless steel core wrapped in a high-tech interwoven polyester and vinyl material. The result is protection that is comfortable to wear yet resistant to stains and odors.

The seamless knit design of the cut-resistant glove adds uniform protection and strength to reduce accidental injury to hand and wrist while working with sharp objects such as knives. Perfect also for opening seafood like oysters and clams. Made in the U.S. by Intruder, the glove is dishwasher safe and will fit either hand. All materials are FDA/USDA approved and meet rigid food service industry standards. For further information, visit Intruder online.