Emmet Elixir Wood Conditioner

Emmet Elixir Wood Conditioner


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Made in the U.S., Emmet Elixer Wood Conditioner is the perfect moisturizer for your kitchen boards and bowls.

Emmet Elixir Wood Conditioner is a food-grade combination of mineral oil, beeswax, and anti-microbial essential oils. With a lovely lemon-verbena fragrance, this cream extends the life of kitchen boards, bowls, and utensils with a soft protective luster.

All new kitchen wooden products should be conditioned with a food-safe cream, like Emmet Elixir Wood Conditioner, prior to the first use. We like to say, 'once a week for a month; once a month for a year; and then anytime thereafter that the wood looks thirsty.' Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner is available in a 16 oz. bottle. For further information about Emmet Wood Conditioner, visit Bally Block online.