Fondue Fuel for Fondue Burner

Fondue Fuel for Fondue Burner




For your new fondue set, you will need Fondue Fuel for Fondue Burner.

A universal fire lighter for wood and charcoal-fueled barbeques, Fondue Fuel for Fondue Burner is also used for paste burners in rechauds, fondue pots, braziers, chafing dishes, warming trays, and tabletop grills. Fondue fuel is sold in either a one-liter bottle or in a pack of three tubs ready to drop in to your burner.

Note: Fondue fuel is flammable. Due to restrictions placed on mailing hazardous materials, this product cannot be shipped via US Priority Mail. Rather, it can only be shipped US Parcel post ground transportation and may take a little longer to be delivered to you. For further information, visit Swissmar online.