Fossil Marble Salt Storage Box

Fossil Marble Salt Storage Box



This lovely Fossil Marble Salt Storage Box will store salts, sugar, or spices either of two 5-oz. compartments.

Salt and spices will stay fresh longer in our Fossil Marble Salt Storage Box. With a smooth swivel-action lid, the Marble Salt Storage Box will protect the contents from cooking oil, dust, you name it. Use the salt storage box for gourmet salts, freshly ground pepper, sugars, or spices. Keeping the salt storage box close to your stove or favorite workspace assures that your spices are easily accessible.

Made by RSVP, the salt storage box is crafted of black or white marble. It measures 5″ diameter and 2-1/4″ height, and has two compartments that will each hold 5 oz. What a striking presence on your tabletop or kitchen countertop! Hand washing is recommended. For further information, visit RSVP online.