H2O Plus Electric Water Kettle

H2O Plus Electric Water Kettle



The Capresso H20 Plus Electric Water Kettle offers speed, convenience, and safety.

The H2O Plus Electric Water Kettle has been ranked by “America's Test Kitchen” as the top electric water kettle on the market. Made of heat-resistant glass, this cordless kettle has a 48-oz./6-cup capacity.

The H2O Plus Electric Water Kettle is so easy to use. Simply fill the kettle with water not higher than the 6-cup mark on the side of the kettle, and replace on the base. Turn on the kettle by pressing the switch on the handle upward. Your water begins to heat immediately. The economy of the H2O Plus is that it brings water up to boil quickly and quietly, using 1500 watts. Once the water boils, the H2O turns itself off – a great safety feature. Other safety features include a stainless steel dome inside the carafe that conceals the heating element. In addition, the textured handle on the kettle is non-slip and heat resistant. The H2O Glass Plus is 9″ in height, 8″ in width, and weighs 2.5 lbs. For more information about the H2O Plus Kettle and other Capresso products, visit