Jura Cleaning Tablets, 6 Pack

Jura Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack


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The Jura Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack, is key to the best-tasting coffee from your automatic coffee center.

The Jura Cleaning Tablets, 6 pack, will help you deliver regular maintenance to your Jura Capresso Automatic Coffee Center, as it delivers the best-tasting coffee to you.

Your Jura Automatic Coffee Center has become your morning companion. Keeping it in top condition by maintaining it properly is the key to the highest quality coffee being delivered. As water, coffee and milk are processed through your coffee center, routine maintenance is necessary. Be ready when the screen displays a message telling you that it needs to be cleaned. Instructions for product use are included in the package of tablets as well as with your Jura coffee center.

For further information about Jura products, visit Capresso online.