Kaiser la forme plus springform pan

Kaiser La Forme Plus Springform Pan


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The Kaiser La Forme Plus Springform Pan: When only the highest quality will do.

The Kaiser La Forme Plus Springform Pan is the premium line of baking pans from Kaiser. It is uncompromising in quality and design – down to the smallest detail. This round pan is heavy, extra sturdy, leak proof, and versatile. Use it for both the savories and sweets: quiches, tortes, tarts, cakes, and even cheesecakes!

Made in Germany, this springform pan combines Kaiser's heavy duty La Forme quality with the latest nonstick technology and a scratch-resistant enamel surface that allows you to cut right in the pan without damaging the surface. The even and gentle heat distribution are the result of the best materials and technology incorporated into the springform – and every Kaiser product – assuring perfect handling and beautiful baking results. The springform is not affected by acidic or citrus foods, and allows for easy release when lightly coated with butter or oil. I generally butter the pan and stick it in the frig during the preparation of ingredients, then fill it and bake. By doing this, I find it releases that much better. The La Forme Plus springform comes with a 10-year warranty, and is available in the sizes indicated. For further information, visit Kaiser online.