Kugelhopf Baking Mold

Kugelhopf Baking Mold


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The Kugelhopf Baking Mold is often called a Turk’s head or a bundt mold.

The Kugelhopf Baking Mold is made of commercial weight steel that provides even and gentle heat. Often referred to as a turk's head or a bundt mold, it is a very fine baking pan.

The Kugelhopf mold is coated inside and out with two layers of non-stick for perfect release, so there is no need to flour. Just buttering lightly insures the cake will drop out intact when inverted (after about 10 to 15 minutes of cooling), with a beautiful design. I usually drop the oven temperature by about 15 degrees or cut back a bit on the baking time, because the pan is so efficient in heat distribution.

This decorative baking mold makes a spectacular presentation for my lemon buttermilk cake. It will reward you nicely as well. The Kugelhopf Baking Mold is available in the two sizes indicated.