Le Creuset Demi Whistling Kettle

Le Creuset Demi Whistling Kettle


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The Le Creuset Demi Whistling Kettle is just the right size for a couple of friends having a hot drink together.

The Le Creuset Demi Whistling Kettle is a “personal” sized kettle – 1-1/4 qts. – enough for about two servings. The kettle has a traditional shape, and is made of a sturdy carbon steel that distributes heat quickly and evenly. The Demi can be used on any heat source: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, or induction.

With a heatproof knob and a comfortable handle grip, the opening in the top is wide enough for easy cleaning. Once water begins to boil, a single-tone whistle will let you know. Simply remove the kettle from heat, disengage the whistle by flipping it upward, and pour. The Demi water kettle is finished with a porcelain enamel in a vibrant color from the color variety for which Le Creuset is known. (Shown in the image is Palm.) Like all Le Creuset kettles, the Demi combines precise craftsmanship with the colorful style and beauty that only Le Creuset can offer. All this, in a kettle tough enough for every-day use. For further information, visit Le Creuset online.