Linen Tablecloth-Bagatelle

Linen Tablecloth-Bagatelle


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Our Linen Tablecloth-Bagatelle strikes an exquisite balance of rustic and refined.

Made in France, our beautiful Linen Tablecloth-Bagatelle has the rustic appearance of an artist’s canvass. The linen is called “Bagatelle” because of the contrasting dabs and dashes of delicate white flowers on muted green stems that seem to almost jump off the canvass.

Ecofriendly and durable, linen is twice as absorbent as cotton. This tablecloth fabric has a sturdy, natural feel, and the more it is washed, the softer it becomes. To clean, it should be washed in a gentle cycle and hung to dry. It will shrink about 3%.

The Bagatelle linen tablecloth is immediately available in a 60″ square. It is also available in rectangular sizes of 84″x 57″, 96″ x 57″, and 120″ x 57″. The rectangular sizes must be special ordered. Please allow two weeks for delivery.