Marlux Nutmeg Grinder

Marlux Nutmeg Grinder


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With our Marlux Nutmeg Grinder, you can finally say goodbye to pre-ground nutmeg!

The Marlux Nutmeg Grinder is designed to shave off small shards from a whole nutmeg that is under tension inside the mill. The grinder is made of light beech wood and stands 5-1/2″ tall. The nutmeg grinder is made with a metal mechanism of high-grade carbon tool steel.

Made in France, the Marlux Nutmeg Grinder makes a wonderful gift for the pudding maker and baker, and for anyone who enjoys eggnog during the Christmas season. I also like to grind nutmeg into spinach and Swiss chard side dishes. There is nothing that enhances food flavoring more than freshly ground spices. For whole nutmegs, please see SKU #50.nutmeg.

For further information about the nutmeg mill and other Marlux products, visit Marlux online.