Mauviel Copper Roasting Pan

Mauviel Copper Roasting Pan


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The Mauviel Copper Roasting Pan: Cookware of unsurpassed quality.

The Mauviel Copper Roasting Pan advances the art of roasting with a pan that is a dream to cook with. A cookware line that features a thick wall (2.5mm) of copper with a stainless steel interior, this rectangular roasting pan will heat quickly and roast evenly, saving cooking time and energy either in the oven or on any stovetop heat source, including induction. The non-reactive 18/10 stainless steel interior preserves the nutritional qualities of your food and is easy to clean.

The Mauviel roasting pan is serious cookware. It is a heavy duty pan that measures 15.7″ x 11.8″ and has a depth of 3″. A non-drip edge makes it easy to pour from when straining those great gravies. The cast stainless steel handles are affixed by two sturdy rivets; the iron handles by three. This pan continues the Mauviel tradition of bringing cookware of superior quality and design to people who love to cook. A roasting rack included. For further information, visit Mauviel online.

Brand Name: Mauviel of France

Handles Thickness of Metal Unit Price
Iron Handles 2.5mm $399.00
Cast stainless steel (pictured) 2mm $399.00