Mauviel Copper Soup Pot

Mauviel Copper Soup Pot


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The Mauviel Copper Soup Pot – perfect for cooking and serving your favorite soups, stews, and sauces.

The Mauviel Copper Soup Pot is stunning in design and appearance, and is one of the most versatile and functional pieces in Mauviel’s M’tradition collection. The pot has a polished hammered copper exterior. The interior is hand-tinned. Two bronze handles on either side of the pot are affixed with two sturdy rivets. Standing 11.5″ in height, and measuring 9.5″ in diameter, the soup pot has a capacity of 13.8 quarts. A lid with a bronze handle is included.

Made in France by Mauviel, the pot is crafted of heavy gauge 2.5mm copper, a metal that responds quickly to heat and provides even heat diffusion. It is usable on all heat sources as well as in the oven.

Since 1830, the Mauviel M’Tradition collection has embodied the beauty, durability, and professionalism of all its cookware lines. Created with both the home chef and professional chef in mind, these timeless pieces are manufactured using the very best raw materials that continue to gain value through the years. For further information about the soup pot and other Mauviel products, contact our store or visit Mauviel online.