Mauviel Stainless Steel Saute Pan

Mauviel Stainless Steel Saute Pan


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With depth and width, the Mauviel Stainless Steel Saute Pan is a great pan for many purposes.

The Mauviel Stainless Steel Saute Pan is the pan you’ll almost constantly reach for. The saute pan – and all cookware from the Mauviel M’Cook Collection – is renown for durability, versatility, and sturdy construction, all of which make it a pan you will buy once and never have to buy again. It is simply THAT reliable and performs THAT superbly. Each time it is used, it cleans so well that it looks brand new.

The saute pan has a thickness of 2.6mm. It is constructed of five layers of metal – selected for cooking responsiveness, heat conduction, and ease of clean-up – extending up the sides and across the bottom of the pan. This pan can be used on all heat sources, including induction, as well as in the oven (safe to 680 degrees). A comfortable grip cast stainless steel handle is affixed by two sturdy stainless steel rivets. And for ease in transferring food to the plate, a pouring rim to prevent dripping is featured on all sides.

The stainless steel saute pan has been hand-crafted by the artisans at Mauviel, the premiere manufacturer of professional cookware in France since 1830. It comes with a lifetime warranty (except when used in a commercial setting). For further information about the stainless steel saute pan, visit Mauviel online.