Messermeister Drawer Knife Holder

Messermeister Drawer Knife Holder


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The Messermeister Drawer Knife Holder provides storage for up to 11 knives in the safety of your kitchen drawer.

The Messermeister Drawer Knife Holder is the newest design for in-drawer knife storage. The ergonomic wavy lines of this in-drawer knife holder add style, organization, convenience and safety to knife storage in the kitchen drawer. Made from beautiful eco-friendly beechwood, the grain is fine, the color is neutral, and the feeling is warm.

The overall dimensions of the knife tray are 16″ in length, 6.1/4″ in width, and 2.25″ in height. It will fit into most standard drawers. The knife holder can hold 11 knives of varying sizes:

– 6 slots for paring and steak knives (approx. 6″ blade)
– 5 deep slots for larger knives (approx. 10″ long, 2″ wide blade)

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