Messermeister Flexible Boning Knife

Messermeister Flexible Boning Knife


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The Messermeister Flexible Boning Knife is the right tool for separating meat from bones.

The thin, narrow 6″ blade of the Messermeister flexible boning knife has an upward curve, making it a good choice for removing meat from bones or for filleting a fish. The boning knife is part of the San Moritz Elite collection of Messermeister knives. Like all knives in the Elite collection, it has a POM molded handle, which makes the grip comfortable and the knife easy to use.

Made in Germany, the boning flexible boning knife is a forged knife with a Rockwell hardness number of 56. Because of its metal composition (carbon steel and a host of other metals), the blade will not rust and will hold an edge longer. We recommend hand washing and drying. For further information, visit Messermeister online.