Microplane Hand-Held Slicer

Microplane Gourmet Slicer


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The Microplane Gourmet Slicer is a hand-held tool that safely slices foods with speed, ease, and convenience.

Master all of your slicing needs with the Microplane Gourmet Slicer. This hand-held culinary tool will slice a variety of foods into 2mm (one twelfth of an inch) slices. It’s the perfect tool to use for slicing carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, and potatoes.

The Gourmet Slicer delivers superbly uniform slices with minimal effort. Blending the functionality of a larger size mandolin with the compact design of a hand-held paddle, it is extremely easy to use. A hinged food guard is included with the Gourmet Slicer. The guard will protect fingers when in use, and will keep food aligned over the blade for better control and perfect results. A transparent cover is included with the slicer to protect the blade (and your fingers) when not in use.

The Gourmet Slicer features a soft-grip ergonomically designed handle for ease of use. The non-slip rubber base provides stability and won't move as you slice fruits and vegetables. The Slicer measures 12-1/4″ in length, and is dishwasher safe.

For further information about the Gourmet Slicer, visit Microplane online.