Monopol Asparagus Peeler with Knife

Monopol Asparagus Peeler with Knife


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Use the Monopol Asparagus Peeler with Knife to strip and cut away tough stems from tender asparagus.

The Monopol Asparagus Peeler with knife will make cleaning asparagus so much easier. Made in Germany by Monopol, the asparagus peeler is also known as a “spargelschaler.” This stainless steel kitchen tool is actually a peeler and knife in one.

To use: Position the peeler so that it grips a stalk of asparagus. As you pull the asparagus stalk through, the stainless steel swivel blade will adjust to the vegetable as you peel. Rotate the stalk to completely remove the tough exterior of the stalk. Use the knife blade to remove the end of the stalk. Both the peeler blade and knife blade are quite sharp, so please use carefully. Hand washing recommended. The Monopol asparagus peeler is an authentic Monopol tool. For further information about the asparagus peeler, visit Monopol online.