Monopol Barolo Bell Corkscrew


Monopol Barolo Bell Corkscrew

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The Monopol Barolo Bell Corkscrew has an easy-to-use, single-spindle mechanism.

The Monopol Barolo Bell Corkscrew makes opening a bottle of wine so easy. Made in Germany, the Barolo has a forged, single-spindle worm that is well-suited for removing extra-long corks. It also features a centralizing ring and patented drip-check. Made of die cast zinc, the Barolo’s surface is finely polished with a smooth brushed matte finish.

Like all Monopol barware, the Barolo is manually handled several times, controlled, ground, re-finished, and more, until a perfect product has emerged. The Barolo measures 5-1/4″ in length and weighs 8-1/8 oz. It will withstand a lifetime or more of wine openings. For further information about Monopol products, visit Monopol online.