Nutty Squirrel Nutcracker

Nutty Squirrel Nutcracker

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Our Nutty Squirrel Nutcracker is fun for the whole family – or as a gift or just a conversation piece!

Our Nutty Squirrel Nutcracker comes with a name: “Davy Crackit.” Davy is handsomely detailed in heavy duty cast aluminum, and he loves to crack nuts. The squirrel nutcracker would be a perfect addition to a home bar for your guests to crack open walnuts, pecans, almonds, or any other nut Davy can hold.

Made by Norpro, the squirrel nutcracker is easy to use. Simply lift his tail and place a nut in his mouth. Then press his tail down, and the nut is cracked. Davy is the perfect gift or conversation piece! The squirrel nutcracker stands approximately 5-1/2″ tall with tail down. For further information, visit Norpro online.