Onion Soup Crock with Lid

Onion Soup Crock with Lid


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Our traditional Onion Soup Crock With Lid is a must-have for the preparation of French onion soup.

Our Onion Soup Crock with Lid is the most recognized vessel in which French onion soup is prepared. These rustic, portly little brown ceramic crocks each hold 14 oz. They transition easily from oven to table, piping hot with an onion broth topped with melted cheese. These French onion soup bowls are perfect not just for soups but for chili, stews, individual chicken potpies, salsas, or condiments. I use one as salt storage, and keep it close to my stove. The onion soup bowl set is sold as a set of four – four bowls; four lids. The crocks are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.