Oolong Tung Ting Tea

Oolong Tung Ting Tea


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Harvested in Taiwan, our Oolong Tung Ting Tea is “Finest Grade.”

Toasty and sweet, medium to fuller body, Oolong Tung Ting Tea is a classic tea from Taiwan (formerly Formosa, the name associated with this type of tea). Stems, leaves, and buds are harvested to make this brew that is considered neither white nor green but something in between. Considered the “Finest Grade” of the Oolong variety, some Oolongs are among the most expensive teas in the world.

Oolong Tea is used for a variety of medical purposes, treatment of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol. Tea should be brewed in water 190 degrees for two to three minutes. One teaspoon per cup is all you will need. Sold in half-pound quantities.