Organic Ditaloni Lisci Pasta

Organic Ditaloni Lisci Pasta


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Organic Ditaloni Lisci Pasta is a short, thick tubular pasta – perfect for grabbing and holding a great sauce, like Colosi Garden Kitchen Marinara (SKU 50.sauce).  Made by Pastificio Vicidomini of Italy, the ditaloni is made from 100% Organic Durum Wheat Semolina,  It has a hearty consistency that is filling, satisfying, and delicious in every way.  Best if served al dente, the cooking time is 13 – 15 Minutes.  Pastificio Vicidomini is Italy’s oldest family-run pasta factory.  Since 1812, the Vicidomini family has been producing artisan pasta with only two ingredients: durum wheat semolina from Altamura, Puglia and mountain spring water.  The pasta is extruded through bronze dyes, giving it a rough exterior perfect for absorbing sauce.  It is then air dried  for up to 5 days, preserving the nutrients and flavor.  Used by Italy’s finest restaurants and sold only at specialty retailers.  The ditaloni pasta is available in a one-pound bag.