Peugeot Fidji Red Salt and Pepper Mills

Peugeot Fidji Red Salt and Pepper Mills


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Standing the test of time: the Peugeot Fidji Red Salt and Pepper Mills

The Peugeot Fidji Red Salt and Pepper Mills are one of the staples in Peugeot’s collection of grinding mills. They are a classic and have been around for many years. These mills work so perfectly that Peugeot never saw the need to “reinvent” them to make them better.

Like all Peugeot spice mills, the Fidji mills are made in France. They are crafted of beech wood and then lacquered – seven times! – to give them their bold and beautiful appearance. Standing 6-1/4″ in height, the Fidji mills have a stainless steel adjustment knob on top with a patented coating (called physical vapor deposition) on their mechanisms to provide resistance to corrosion.

The pepper mill has a case-hardened steel adjustable grinding mechanism to suit every coarseness requirement. Like all Peugeot manual pepper mills, the grinding mechanism is designed with a helix-shaped double row of teeth that guide and hold the peppercorns in place during the grinding process. The salt mill is specifically designed to grind large grains of dry sea salt, and is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel so that the salt will not harm it. Peugeot offers a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanisms of their mills.

The Fidji pepper and salt mills are sold individually or as a set. For further information, visit Peugeot online.