Pig Tail Food Flipper Set

Pig Tail Food Flipper Set

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The Pig Tail Food Flipper Set makes BBQ flipping easy.

Now you can tend to grilling the professional way with the Pig Tail Food Flipper Set. Made with a surgical steel shaft, the pig tail flipper has a tapered “tail” with a sharp, spiral snare. This design allows you to turn or carry food without tearing, marking, or squeezing juices from meats. Great for use on the grill (the shaft is long enough to keep your hand away from the heat) when cooking hot dogs, steaks, burgers, chops or chicken. Use in the kitchen for moving baked potatoes, flipping French toast, or flipping bacon. The strap at the end of the handle allows you to hang it from your utensil rack for easy storage. Made by Jaccard, the pig tail flipper is available as a set of two flippers with a 12″ and 15″ shaft. For further information, visit Jaccard online. Two remaining.