Pillivuyt Porcelain Classic Souffle

Pillivuyt Porcelain Classic Souffle


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The Pillivuyt Porcelain Classic Souffle comes with a promise of culinary perfection.

The Pillivuyt Porcelain Classic Souffle is designed with the perfectly smooth and straight sides that are required for a souffle to rise high. The souffle dish, like all Pillivuyt bakeware, is engineered with very specific baking properties in mind.  The dish is 8″ in diameter and has a capacity of 8 cups.  The walls of the dish are thin enough to promote quick and even heat distribution, which is needed for baking soufflés.

Despite creative innovations in redefining of the best materials to use in their porcelain, the pleated style and purpose of classic pieces like the porcelain souffle remain the vanguard of the Pillivuyt tradition. Pillivuyt has been in the heart of French culinary culture since 1818. It is renown for porcelain of exceptional quality, endurance and design. For further information, visit Pillivuyt online.