Porcelain Rectangular Serving Platter

Porcelain Rectangular Serving Platter


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Use the Porcelain Rectangular Serving Platter for everything from savory to sweets.

The Porcelain Rectangular Serving Platter is a lovely choice for baking brie and surrounding with crackers, or serving gourmet chocolates with a few beautifully decorated cookies. Versatile, practical, and functional are all the ways to describe this porcelain serving platter. The appearance of this platter is simple – a pure white glaze, so it will not “fight” the appearance of the beautiful food you serve on it.

Whether it's used in the freezer, microwave, oven, broiler, or as a serving piece, Pillivuyt porcelain is durable enough for everyday use and beautiful enough for your most discerning guests. All in all, it is unsurpassed in craftsmanship, design, and usability.

The porcelain rectangular serving platter measures 14″ in length and 5″ in width, sized perfectly for serving bread on a buffet table or sliced fresh fruit. It is dishwasher safe.

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