Pure Linen Dishcloth Set

Pure Linen Dishcloth Set


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Made in the Czech Republic, our Pure Linen Dishcloth Set is one of our most sought-after products.

Our Pure Linen Dishcloth Set includes two generously-sized 15″ x 15″ dishcloths that are made of loosely woven rugged pure linen.

Made in the Czech Republic, these kitchen dishcloths seem almost indestructible. Our customers call them the best dishcloths they’ve ever used.  When it is new, the linen has a lightweight, stiff starched feel.  Once water is introduced, it relaxes and becomes very easy to work with, so that you can squeeze every last drop of water from it with one hand.  It’s also “thirsty” enough to wipe every last drop spilled on your kitchen countertop. These dishcloths wash well and can be bleached without damaging the multi-colored stripe on the border.

The pure linen dishcloth set is a best seller. You will always want to have several on hand.  Price shown is for a set of two.