Red Marble Mortar and Pestle

Red Marble Mortar and Pestle


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The primitive method of hand grinding with a tool like our Red Marble Mortar and Pestle yields the truest flavors of your ingredients.

The Red Marble Mortar and Pestle will facilitate fine grinding of everything from peppercorns to garlic cloves to pills for your pet. The veins and fine lines in the red marble make every piece in this pretty set unique.

Grinding fresh ingredients enhances the flavor of your recipe. And while electric spice grinders are convenient, heat develops in the grinding process that may either burn or alter the true flavor of your ingredients. The mortar and pestle is a centuries-old method of food preparation that is still considered the best way to release the full flavors and aromatics of herbs, spices, and other foods.

Made by RSVP, the bowl of the red marble mortar and pestle set is classically shaped and stands 3″ tall. It has a 3-1/4″ diameter and a 2 oz. capacity. It is notched in the upper rim of the bowl where the 4″ long pestle rests. For further information, visit RSVP online.