Romertopf 99111 Rectangular Dutch Oven

Romertopf 99111 Rectangular Dutch Oven


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Romertopf has created the original lean cuisine — no fats or oils necessary in the cooking process.

Welcome to the world of clay pot cooking, where full-flavored meals come to life with very little effort. The Romertopf 99111 Rectangular Dutch Oven is part of a family of cookware that has been at the helm of a healthy and natural cooking technique known as steam baking. When cooking in a Romertopf clay baker, steam baking helps food retain its vitamins, nutrients, and moisture without the use of oils and fats.

The principle of the Romertopf technique is very simple: By moistening the clay pot prior to use, the fine pores in the clay absorb water, which in turn creates a gentle layer of steam that surrounds the food inside of the pot. As a result, food does not dry out or burn. Flavors in vegetables develop. Meats are cooked to perfection – moist and succulent on the outside, crusty on the outside. The Romertopf Dutch Oven can be used for roasting meats, vegetables, chili, soups, stews, and your favorite casseroles. The variety is endless. The ideal temperature for cooking in the Romertopf is between 375°F and 500°F. Dishes with a very long cooking time require a lower temperature than those which cook quickly.

Glazed on the bottom interior for burn prevention and easy clean-up, the Romertopf clay pot is usable in the microwave or oven (electric or gas). Measuring 13.75″ in length, 9″ in width, and 6.75″ in height, the baker has a 3.1 quart capacity, which will serve two to four people. Instructions and a recipe booklet are included. For additional information, visit the Romertopf website.